A Year of Recipes: #23

Sriracha, coconut milk, optional chicken stock, paprika, frozen corn, olive oil, onion

Sriracha, coconut milk, optional chicken stock, paprika, frozen corn, olive oil, onion

With an upcoming business trip (well…at the time of writing this post), I wanted to do something quick and easy, and more importantly, something that wouldn’t leave me with a ton of leftovers I would have to throw out. I did a search for my current obsession, coconut milk, on FoodGawker, and ended up settling on a Smoky Sweet Corn Soup.

As an amateur cook, I always get really excited when I go through the ingredient list prior to shopping and get to cross several items off my list because I already have them on hand, which is exactly what happened this time! Unfortunately I couldn’t find coconut milk at Target so I had to run by Kroger afterwards, which made me grumble a little bit.


Seriously so easy to make this.

I haven’t made any soups yet in my year of new recipes, and after this experience I think I will need to do more! It was very little work to make this recipe. Essentially everything went into a skillet until it was softened, and then was transferred to my food processor to blend. It went back in the skillet to heat the rest of the way and then it was done. Add a drizzle (or three if you’re me) of Sriracha and you’re done.

The only problem I had is that the recipe called for 16 ounces of frozen corn, and I could only find 12 ounce bags at the store. So I just cooked all 24 ounces and went heavy on my spices.

The recipe recommends using chicken stock to thin the soup if needed, but I ended up not using the stock. The thick soup (my processor left quite a bit of texture, that might bother some people) was enjoyable, but if I hadn’t been headed out of town I’d probably have added some stock to make the soup go further and cut down on calories (which were fine to begin with, roughly 400 for a generous 1 cup serving.)

Sriracha I love you!

Sriracha I love you!

Flavor 3/4– This ended up being very good, and the burn of the Sriracha was glorious.
3.5/4 – I did have to bust out my food processor
Guiltless 2.5/4 – A little corn is fine but it’s the primary ingredient here. If I make again I am pretty sure I could add a cup or two of cauliflower without noticing and then this would almost be healthy.
Leftovers 4/4 – Soup makes for easy leftovers.


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