A Year of Recipes: 21

Quinoa, optional sesame seeds, Sriracha, oil, cilantro, honey, yellow onion, green onion, and chicken

Quinoa, optional sesame seeds, Sriracha, oil, cilantro, honey, yellow onion, green onion, and chicken

When I was deciding on recipes for the week, I somehow ended up with the idea of “Sriracha lime” on the mind, and I ended up cooking two meals with that as the main flavor. Despite the common flavor theme, they were quite different.

First up was a Sriracha and Chicken Quinoa Bowl. The website where I found the recipe tagged it as “quick” and “easy” which I wholeheartedly agree with. Basically 3 steps/dirty dishes.

Dirty dish #1: Cook your Quinoa. I’m a pro at cooking quinoa by now.

Dirty dish #2: Cut up some green onion and make your sauce.

IMG_5397Dirty dish #3: Saute some onion. Mmmmm smells so good. Saute the chicken in the same pot until browned. Add the sauce from earlier. Cook a little longer.

IMG_5398 Then throw that on your quinoa and you’re done. BAM. (Totally get why Emeril says that, it feels good.)

Okay, so the biggest problem I had with this recipe is that it called for “2-1.5 lbs of pastured chicken breast, washed and cut into 1 inch pieces.” So…that looks like it means TWO 1.5 pound packages of chicken. Not sure if I misinterpreted that or it’s a typo, but that was waaaaaay too much chicken to cook all at once. I ended up doubling my quinoa and sauce and it was a final total of 6 generous servings. It was a little difficult to get the chicken to brown up with that much in my pan, even with the huge one I own. Also, no need to wash chicken before cooking, really.

IMG_5401Flavor 2.5/4 – This was good but nothing mind blowing – I think the sauce could have used more lime.
Ease 3/4 – if I hadn’t overloaded my pan this might have been a 4.
Guiltless 4/4 – Hearty natural ingredients. And honestly, aside from a little olive oil and honey, most of the calories were straight from the chicken and quinoa.
Leftovers 3.5/4 – reheated pretty darn well. Most quinoa bowls do!


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