Things I’m Bad At Doing

So I technically just in 2013 began working my first full time job.  What can I say, I’m a late bloomer.  Errr…technically I was an early bloomer, and now I’m on my second set of blooming, therefore it feels late.  But digressions aside, the biggest learning curve for me has been figuring out how to navigate the jungle of the office.

I am learning there are several areas of my work life I would consider weaknesses…I mean, room for improvement:

Setting Deadlines (for other people) | This is seriously a huge challenge for me!  So many of the departments here are overworked, so I hate telling people they have to get something to me soon.  One of my biggest frustrations is when I have a project with no definite deadline, and believe me, quite a few of my projects are more open-ended due to the nature of my position.  Who am I to tell someone they need to get me information by the end of the week when they have so many other more urgent things to do? Updating graphics on the website can wait another day!

Staying Focused at the End The Day | My brain is a jackass.  Many afternoons, roughly around 3:00 or so, I turn into a hyperactive child.  I can focus if I want to, but it takes every ounce of self control to stay focused.  Meetings late in the day are fine, but if I’m just sitting at my desk working it can be a struggle.  This happens far more often than I’d like and sometimes a good Spotify playlist and a Coke Zero is the only thing that can get me through.

Remembering My Passwords | My idea of a secure password is one that I can remember.  Unfortunately higher powers believe that a secure password is one you change every month.  Like many of my coworkers, this has led me to go through a series of repeating passwords, with just a final character changed.  It’s along the lines of Password1.  Password2.  Password3…Password$…  Password%…  Sometimes it gets confusing though.  Is my Google Analytics account on password2 or password3?  And what about the image library – have they forced me to change that one yet?  And heaven forbid I have an account where I can’t change my password…
Needless to say I started a password file a few weeks into my job.

Ending Sentences With Prepositions | The original title of this post was “Things I’m Bad At”


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