A Year of Recipes: #14

Simple ingredients, cauliflower, italian seasoning, garlic, eggs, oil, cheese and spaghetti sauce/marinara for dipping

Simple ingredients: cauliflower, Italian seasoning, garlic, eggs, oil, cheese and spaghetti sauce/marinara for dipping

I’ve been traveling lately, causing the last two weekends to be out for cooking.  (Don’t consider this complaining, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to travel more and this year has been full of quite a bit already!)

In one place for a while, I got right back at learning to cook again this weekend, doing two recipes. The first is Cauliflower Cheese Sticks. I had found that recipe several weeks ago and threw it in my “to try” file and figured I’d do something simple for one of the two. It’s a rather healthy recipe, with the majority of the calories coming from either the cheese or spaghetti sauce.

There are basically 3 simple steps to this recipe. The first is to rice/grate your cauliflower. I’ve “riced” cauliflower before, and it’s a relatively easy thing to do if you have a food processor (not sure how easy hand-grating would be.) Your food processor should have no problem transforming the veggie into a fluffy rice-like substance.


And at this point the kitchen smells heavenly.

The second step is to mince some garlic and heat it up with a little oil, as seen above. And the third step is to separate an egg white and whisk it up a little.


I read you can also use parchment paper or a healthy dose of cooking spray

After mixing together the very few ingredients, you add your mixture to a pan or tray. I used a loaf pan lined with aluminum foil, although there are other methods that would work as well.

I personally think foil is probably the best option because it makes it much easier to flip the dish over, which is required halfway through cooking.  Wait for it to cool a minute or two, then simply pick up the foil by the corners, put your hand under the entire thing, and flip it over back into the loaf pan. Do this at your own risk though 😉


Seeing this picture makes me ready to make another batch!

Reading the recipe, it sounds like the most challenging part is getting the cauliflower to cook without overcooking. I was able to keep a careful eye on the oven because I was working on my other recipe and doing dishes the whole time it was in.

In the end, it turned out fantastic! Just a little bit crispy on the outside, melty cheese on top, deviously close to the consistency of bread… Warm up your dipping sauce in the microwave, cut into dipping strips, and enjoy!

Taste: 3.5/4 – very good!  I might add a little more spices or garlic next time, but dang!
Ease: 3/4
Guiltless: 4/4 – the cheese and dipping sauce are the only major source of calories, just make sure you don’t go overboard with either and you’re good. My final calculation ended up being around 300 calories using plenty of cheese.
Leftovers: ?/4 – I made this on Saturday and Sunday, and honestly using a loaf tray makes a perfect sized meal, so no leftovers either time.


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