A Year of Recipes Bonus: Experiments with Matcha #2


All you need is whipped topping, instant pudding and matcha!

Continuing on my quest to find a matcha recipe that wouldn’t cause me to gain 10 pounds, a few weeks ago I actually modified a popular Pinterest recipe I had done before with pumpkin.  I started with a recipe for Pumpkin Fluff and instead of adding canned pumpkin and spices, I added 2 tbsp of green tea powder.

This was extremely easy to make, just stir all the ingredients together and store in the fridge.  Again, not the most natural, healthy ingredients…  The flavor was good – I could definitely taste the green tea this time!


Just one generous spoonful of this stuff satisfies the sweet tooth.

If I make his again I’d probably use an additional container of Cool Whip.  The texture of the fluff was like that of marshmallow fluff (not a bad thing) but I would have liked it to be a little lighter. The original recipe has a fluffier texture because of all the canned pumpkin.

Verdict:  Very nice!  I can see myself making this again, and I would love to see how strawberry or pineapple pudding mix would work.  Now that I think of it, this fluff with the vanilla base could also make an interesting frosting for cupcakes.  Ooooooh now that I might have to try sometime…


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