A Year of Recipes Bonus: Experiments with Matcha #1

A few months ago I had the chance to visit a fantastic asian grocery in the Chicago area.  One of the items I bought was a small container of matcha/green tea powder.  I love matcha, but have never purchased it before.  Normally this stuff is so expensive for such a tiny amount you’d assume it’s some sort of recreational drug but this store had a reasonable price so I decided to purchase!

I was so excited but then I got home and realized I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to use the matcha in.  Several weeks later I spent part of a lunch break researching recipes but everything was just way too unhealthy.  (I also am quite aware of the fact that if I made a dozen delicious, buttery matcha shortbread cookies I would eat them all in the span of roughly 24 hours.  Yeah, I know my limitations.)

So, it was time to improvise!

Matcha, diet soda, and cake mix.  Will it blend?

Matcha, diet soda, and cake mix. Will it blend?

I am much better as a fake-adult about trying to avoid overly processed junk like box cake mix, but I made an exception this time around.  It was in the name of matcha and science!

Basically with a diet soda cake you take the cake mix, add 12 oz worth of diet soda, mix it up, and bake for the time determined on the cake mix box.  Very easy.

It was fun mixing up the bubbly sludge.

It was fun mixing up the bubbly sludge.

So I figured it would be easy just to use a white cake mix and add some matcha.  I had no idea how much to add, so I looked at a few random green tea baking recipes, and most called for 1-2 tbsp of the powder.  I mixed in 2 generous tablespoons.



The mix turned a beautiful color of green and into the oven it went!  Overall the cake turned out like any other diet soda cake I’ve had before.  My biggest disappointment is that he matcha flavor wasn’t very strong.  I don’t know if I’ll make this again, but I’d definitely use at least twice the powder.  It also might be interesting to use strawberry cake mix or soda, since green tea and strawberry tend to go well together.

Verdict:  Meh.


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