A Year of Recipes: #7


Quinoa, eggs, onion, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, minced garlic, and a whole lot of spices.

I already had my big bag of quinoa, so I decided to try Quinoa Pizza Bites.  This involved spending a lot of time at the store figuring out what spices I needed to buy, but the good news is that I’m all stocked up for my future adventures.  Tip: I know not every store has quinoa, but I found mine at Target!

There’s not a lot to this recipe.  Chop an onion.  Cut some pepperoni into smaller pieces (that was strangely satisfying.)  Throw everything in a bowl and carefully measure out your spices.  I did not use fresh basil (I don’t think they even sell that at Target) so I used dried basil, and I used half as much since the the dried basil seemed pretty dense.


I’ve been locked inside your heart shaped bowl for weeks.  (I think this caption is better than what I originally had…)

I did not have a mini muffin tin, so I just used a normal size one.  I’m not sure how this affected the outcome.  The ones from the recipe webpage look a little more fused together, mine are still quite granular looking.  I think adding additional egg might have helped on this end.  Mine held together fairly well but I wouldn’t call them “bites.”


I’m at least better at food photography than Martha Stewart.

Taste: 2/4 – All I really taste is the spices (which isn’t awful) but I think perhaps if I make the again I’ll cut down on some of these.  I have not tried with marinara sauce yet, I’ll have to see if that helps.
Ease: 3.5/4 – Chop.  Mix.  Cook.
Guiltless: 4/4 – Seriously.
Leftovers: 3/4 – I think they are a little more prone to crumbling apart after microwaving, but nothing a fork can’t handle.


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