A Year of Recipes: #6


Olive oil, sugar, flour, garlic powder, pepper, cumin, quinoa, cheddar cheese, eggs, carrot, green onions, cottage cheese, salt. I’m starting to have some of these ingredients on hand!

I wanted to do something a little different and looking at my list of potential recipes, I decided something with quinoa might be a nice change.  I’ve had quinoa several times, but I’ve never cooked it myself.  I knew it was a healthier grain choice but apparently it’s even more amazing than I thought.  Gluten free, high in protein, contains calcium…very worthy of the hype it has been receiving.  Since I had to buy a big bag of quinoa at the store, I figured I might as well do two recipes. Quinoa burgers were first up!


Prep work was limited.  Regardless, I still bought a new kitchen gadget.

Cooking the quinoa wasn’t difficult, unlike making pasta I had to measure out an exact amount of water to boil.  It cooked perfectly and fluffed up just right.  While my quinoa was cooking I got to adding all the other ingredients in my mixing bowl.  The only real labor-intensive steps were chopping two green onions and grating a carrot.

After that I had to pan fry the burgers.  Now that was the scary part but it turned out okay, partially due to the fact that I kept a close eye on how the burgers were coming along.  Apparently my burner is uneven (I fixed that) because the olive oil kept collecting in one corner of the pan.  Due to my inexperience with pan frying I ended up using extra oil, which I’d like to avoid, but nothing outrageous.  My first set of patties didn’t stick together perfectly, and were a little difficult to flip, but by the end I was turning out some fantastic quinoa burgers.


I’m proud of how these turned out!  And I’m giving myself a gold star for some halfway-decent food photography here.

And don’t do what I did – turn your heat down a little after you’ve done the first few batches, they start cooking quite a bit quicker by the end.  Again, I didn’t burn anything but I was surprised by how quickly the last set cooked.

Taste: 4/4 – I ate a few immediately after cooking and the flavors were so intense!
Ease: 2.5/4 – Pan frying.
Guiltless: 3.5/4 – these ended up being about 150 a pop even with the extra oil
Leftovers (new rating): 4/4 – Much to my surprise, these were so good reheated!  I just ate mine plain, but I could easily spice these up by using sauces or enjoying on a sandwich bun


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