A Year of Recipes: #2

So I actually made two recipes yesterday.  The second one was in the crock pot, so really not that challenging.  The recipe is Crock Pot Chili Mac!  I didn’t have the veggies to add….oops.  WordPress won’t let me upload photos right now so we’ll have to add those later.

Tips: you can add cheese on top after you’re done cooking.  Also, I did not cook my pasta ahead of time, and it soaked up enough moisture just fine.

The only real step in this was browning the beef before adding.  And using a can opener.  Seriously.  Dump everything in.  The moisture from the cans of beans and tomato sauce are enough to keep everything from drying up.

The only don’t do what I did I have is to layer the beef under the beans and tomato sauce.  I put the beef on top since I added the other ingredients as it cooked, and it was a little dry when I checked halfway through.  I was able to stir all the ingredients up then and keep it from drying any more.

Taste: 3/4
Ease: 3.5/4
Guiltless: 2/4.  Cheese.  Pasta.  Beef (at least it’s lean.)


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