A Year Of Recipes: Intro

I’ve always hated going to second service church.  I feel like it’s so late by the time it’s over and that’s literally the only thing I’ve done all day.

This morning, like many others, I was planning to attend the 9:30 service.  However this morning I woke up knowing ahead of time there was a good chance of icy roads.  Before even getting out of bed I checked my phone and sure enough, they were.  They’d be cleared up in time for the 11:00 service.  I closed my eyes and dozed for a while but the sun coaxed me awake.

Yesterday I had been grocery shopping and got ingredients for two whole recipes (a big deal for a Liz Lemon like me!)  So I figured, why not get started before church?  I put on some relaxing music, got a crock pot meal up and running, and started preparing my ingredients for the other recipe.  After church I had a meal half-way cooked and was ready to whip together the other.

This was awesome.  So I added an additional New Year’s resolution today.  Cook every Sunday (when able) before church.  Try 52 recipes this year.  It will help with health and the well-roundedness aspects of my life I’m working on.  Plus, I’ll have something great to eat for dinner or take in my lunch the next few days.  Even better, my mom and brother are both on a crock pot kick back home, we can share recipes and tips.

So you can bet you’ll be seeing blog posts concerning these kitchen experiments in the future!  Don’t expect step by step explanations of recipes (I’ll link to them.)  Don’t look for expert food photography.  Just understand I will give you my honest opinion on the outcome of the food and perhaps a handful of don’t make the same mistake I did’s.


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