2014 Resolutions: Shut Up Already

And now…the 2014 Resolutions!  Honestly a lot of the same ones from last year, just focused a little differently.  I’m just now realizing how odd this is to be posting my resolutions for everyone to see.  They’re quite personal, but I guess I should have worried about over-sharing before I started a blog based on figuring out life and adulthood.


  • Reach 36 miles by bike (I’m going to regret this one many times)
  • Run that half marathon, whether an official race or just on the trail.
  • Get those ripped arms
  • Balance exercise and diet, remembering to enjoy indulgences from time to time
  • No alcohol for the first 6 months of the year.  (also going to regret this one)


  • Stay close to old friends.  Visit Nashville more often, especially since the drive can be done in a long evening.  Get my friends to travel with me when possible.
  • Join a hiking group.  Time to branch out and find some adventurous folk to round things out.  This also will have the nice benefit of letting me go hiking without having to worry about bears…

(I need a word that starts with F…) Living Well

  • Writing – blogging regularly.  Creative writing.  So hard to get started, but this is what I want to do.
  • Reading – instead of focusing on the quantity of books I read, I want to focus on reading quality books.  I have two on my to-read list already and I’m sure more will be found as the year progresses.
  • Humor – take a comedy class.  I’m a smartass and I’d like to be a better one.  This goal is probably the most daunting on the list.
  • Travel – bit of overlap here…but travel with work, with friends, with family.  Plan my vacation days carefully.  Go to some amazing cities.  Do more weekend trips.  Extend those business trips into real vacations when possible.  Make good use of my scheduled holidays.
  • Crafting – this is the flimsiest goal of mine – I want to stay crafty but not at the expense of my other goals.  I think it’s time to pick up a new craft (ornament making just isn’t right in the spring or summer) and I might take a jewelry-making class.
  • Cooking – I actually came up with this resolution but I want to cook more.  I am planning to cook on Sundays before (or after depending on how I feel…) Church so the goal is 52 recipes tried this year.  I’ll of course make sure to blog about them!


  • I set mandatory 6 month and 1 year goals at work earlier in the year.  I want to make sure I pursue these goals.
  • Continue to grow in my ability to be decisive, one of my biggest weaknesses.
  • Champion one outside-the-box project by the end of the year.  Because why not?
  • Do a webinar twice a week over the lunch hour – When I first started working I watched quite a few webinars and haven’t been as active lately, but as things have gotten busier it’s easy to neglect continuing my marketing education.

Crazy to think how much has changed since this time last year.


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