Confession: Trying On Clothes

Does anybody else feel guilty when they try on clothes at a store and none of them fit?

This usually happens to me at Target.  I buy a considerable amount of clothing there.  I love their clothing because for what I pay, it’s very fashionable and the quality is excellent.  (Nevermind the fact that there are no other stores nearby with clothing for a professional woman in her mid 20’s…)  However, sometimes with slightly cheaper clothing, the odds of fitting nicely is a little lower. If I go to somewhere like Ann Taylor Loft, most of what I try on is going to be flattering and fit well.  The success rate is probably somewhere around 75%.  I’m guessing at Target it’s closer to 25%.  

So anyways, I’d like to confess: I hate to be the person who tries on the max 6 and gives all 6 back afterwards, so sometimes I’ll take an item or two with me and hang them back up myself.  Am I the only person that socially awkward?


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