The Failed Blog

Admitting failure is a difficult thing to do.  And I’m going to do that very thing right now.  In front of you all.

While I was unemployed, I decided I was going to try doing a blog-a-day.  I had a little extra time on my hands and needed something positive to focus on.  I figured these would be 365 short, easy posts.  It was actually on Tumblr, a relatively streamlined blogging platform.  I even had a plan!  I made a list of about 10 different types of posts I could make regularly that would be short and sweet, such as guilty pleasures, song recommendations or things I should really put on my resume.

Well, within the first week I was already behind.  I created the blog and it took was 9 days between my first and second post.  From the beginning I was trying to write several posts a day just to catch up to where I was.  I also wanted to get a few extra posts written for the future in anticipation of days I would be traveling or simply too busy to write.  Being so far behind often made the thought of sitting down to write a stressful one.  In the end, the whole thing felt forced and artificial.  After 24 posts (over the span of 46 days) I quit.

This blog is different.  I am going to try to write twice a week.  I think that is manageable for me.  And if I get behind, IT’S OKAY.  I have to remind myself of that.  I want to avoid going more than half a month without posting, but I have to allow myself a chance to let life happen.  The reason my 365 blog failed is that it allowed no room for error, and that is the quickest way to turn something that should be enjoyable into a chore.


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