First Post – Why I’m Blogging

Several weeks ago, I saw a challenge* on Facebook.  A challenge to take a risk.  A chance to be adventurous.

Oh adventure.  My weakness.  I can never turn down the thought of it.

So I figured, what the heck, I can always opt out later.  I signed up, not knowing what I was getting into.
When an introduction e-mail arrived a few Fridays ago, I read over it and didn’t really care.  But over that weekend it started stirring in my mind.  More importantly, it also started stirring In my soul.
The following week I still hadn’t joined the challenge, but I kept thinking I can do this.  I wasn’t even sure what challenge project group to affiliate myself with because honestly, I’m working to improve several areas of my life.  As you can see, however, I settled on blogging.  It took me nearly a month to build up the courage to get started, but here I am, finally ready to pull the trigger.  I’ll address my inability to get started in a later blog…
(Sidenote: as part of my challenge, I chose to give up weeknight TV again.  I had a great experience going without television completely the first month I was working full time.  At first I found other ways to waste time, but I eventually caved and started using that time productively.  I am happier with my life when I save TV and gaming for the weekend!  When I don’t watch a lot of TV, I find it to be more enjoyable when I do, and my attention span is significantly better.  I haven’t been perfect on this the past few weeks, but the days I have followed this rule have been wonderful.)
Why I chose blogging:
I have experience blogging.  Well…more like journaling.  I have started a handful of blogs over the years but never really did anything to garner traffic.  Yes, my friends have read my blogs but that’s really as far as it’s ever gotten.  I’ve used blogs more like a place to vent and clear my head, but never as a true public platform.  I enjoy writing, even if it’s just because it clears my mind, so I think I will benefit from this project regardless.  However, what’s different about this blog is that I am setting a goal to develop a web presence.  To be a personality.
Career orientation.  As a marketing professional, this is the project that might help me the most with my future career.  One of the reasons I earned an MBA is because I wanted to have more control over where my career leads.  I also have a few clear ideas about what type of marketing position I’d like to have a few years down the line.  Maybe…just maybe, a stronger web presence could also help me achieve the position I want.
Creative Outlet.  I’ve finally achieved the surprisingly difficult goal of a first real job (in my major even!)  My job is fantastic, but something about sitting at a desk several hours a day creates a deep-seeded desire to do something creative, and completely for myself.  Aside from the occasional craft night, this is just what I need.  The next time my mind starts some 3:00 wandering, I can reign in those thoughts later for a blog post.
Flexibility.  Now that I am working full time, my free time is more rigid.  The nice thing about blogging is that I can do it any time and for as little time as I have.  I can squeeze in 10 minutes over lunch, jot down a few ideas while waiting for dinner to cook, or simply ramble before bed.


Clear Perspective. I did a webinar a few weeks ago about social media and blogging.  Although I took the webinar for workplace purposes, the lessons I learned were directly applicable to my blog.  I had an epiphany and figured out what my unique spin was going to be:  I have never been blessed with “domestic skills.”  I’m no Martha Stewart, I’m not good at cooking, maintaining a house is hard for me, and my hand-eye coordination is atrocious.  So my unique twist – crafts, cooking, nail art and more, for the not-so-domestically inclined.  I know I’m not the only person out there who struggles with being an adult.  This is my journey as a passionate twenty-something, who’s still not quite at terms with the fact that she is a grown-up now.
Figuring out my unique twist was the turning point for me.  That was the moment that made me think Yes!  I can do this blogging thing.
So we will see what happens, but for now I am extremely hopeful this blog will work out.
*The challenge I saw was part of the Start Experiment